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Advanced Jungian Analyst Candidate with the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts.

Jungian psychoanalysis is fundamentally about the search for the meaning of life. Carl Gustav Jung believed this quest is an innate drive that begins at birth. Throughout one's life, this drive can manifest as repetitive questions and the search for ever-evolving answers, found in both the inner and outer worlds.

These questions and answers often reside at a deeper level than we might expect. They are always hidden, dynamic, and constantly renewing themselves, which leads to ever-changing questions and transforming answers. Their reflections can appear in various aspects of life, especially in relationships. Uncovering this dynamism and ongoing renewal requires intense work on the intertwined relationships of both the unconscious and conscious minds, tapping into their richness and resources while remaining aware of any biases and pitfalls.

Life, as a series of processes, mirrors those of our psyche. Given our human limitations and repetitive patterns, acknowledging this dynamism and change may sometimes require sharing the experience with someone specially trained to accompany you on this journey and familiar with this cycle.

If you feel you are in such a period in your life, you can call or email me for a free 20-minute session to determine whether we can work together. Our sessions will be based on talk therapy, dream interpretation, and active imagination. The language of the unconscious is formed through images, with meanings embedded in symbolic and metaphorical imaginative thinking and emotions. Consequently, the language of the unconscious is closely linked with mythology, fairy tales, and any symbolic form of spiritual expression rooted in art, anthropology, and archaeology. Therefore, our sessions may also involve discussions about these topics, including the archetypal presence found in astrology.


I worked in the corporate sector for more than two decades while at the same time being a passionate student of astrology all my life. I have maintained my enthusiasm to be a professional astrologer for the last two decades and completed my postgraduate degree in Cultural Astrology and Astronomy in the UK, with a focus on mysticism, astrology, and the Jungian approach. Since then, I have been pursuing my passion to become a Jungian therapist. Currently, as an advanced candidate, I am working under the supervision of experienced senior analysts who are members of OAJA, which is a standard part of the training to become a licensed mental health care provider in Ontario, Canada.

Meltem Ersoy